Centre for Lacanian Psychoanalysis New Zealand
Centre for Lacanian Psychoanalysis New Zealand
The Analyst’s Desire
Presented by Dr Gustavo Restivo
27 April 2019

“If the transference is that which separates demand from the drive, the analyst’s desire is that which brings it back. And in this way, it isolates the [object] a, places it at the greatest possible distance from the I the ideal point in the Other from which the analysand would like to be seen that he, the analyst, is called upon by the subject to embody. It is from this idealisation that the analyst has to fall in order to be the support of the separating a, in so far as his desire allows him, in an upside-down hypnosis, to embody the hypnotised patient.” (Seminar XI, p.273.)
This half day seminar is an open event and is free.