Centre for Lacanian Psychoanalysis New Zealand


Established in 2006, the Centre for Lacanian Analysis, was the first New Zealand organisation for clinical practitioners and researchers whose focus stems from the Freudian field of psychoanalysis within the Lacanian orientation. The Centre is a not-for-profit incorporated society and has formulated a program of seminars, lectures, annual conferences and clinical training sessions. In August 2019 a 4-year training in clinical psychoanalysis in the Lacanian orientation was offered by the Centre. The training is thriving and there is now a CLA training clinic where those who have made a passage from Trainee to Analyst in Training work with analysts under the auspices of the CLA.


The Centre has a membership program, and current membership is composed of clinical practitioners, academic researchers, postgraduate research students, and individuals in professions, including those of visual arts and design, who have an ongoing commitment to engaging with the works of Lacan.