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Psychoanalytic setting of an analysand, patient or client on a couch or chaise longe and the psychoanalyst or therapist sitting beside them engaged in psychoanalysis.

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Respectful of the complex histories that shape each of us, psychoanalysis listens to each person individually rather than treating their symptom. In your analysis, you get to speak and to be heard without judgement, an encounter that could lead to an understanding of the causes behind your suffering. In this way, psychoanalysis offers the possibility to understand ourselves through the unconscious and how this affects our thoughts and actions and why we find ourselves in the same situations over again.

The clinic of the Centre for Lacanian Analysis offers a unique talking analysis with Clinical Members of the CLA or Analysts in Training.



This service is available to those that desire psychoanalysis but may find paying a full fee an obstacle to accessing treatment. The Analysts-in-Training are carefully selected mature trainees of the training programme. 



A list of clinicians who are full clinical members of the Centre for Lacanian Analysis.


The Code of Ethics of the Centre for Lacanian Analysis is available here.