Centre for Lacanian Psychoanalysis New Zealand


training programme

The Centre for Lacanian Analysis from its inception has included clinicians in the field and indeed, from other fields. From 2016 desire for a clinical training in psychoanalysis in the Lacanian field increased and in 2019 the CLA responding to this desire began a 4-year training in clinical psychoanalysis programme.


The training continues to evolve and thrive. As with all training in psychoanalysis, the programme comprises the three foundational components of psychoanalytic formation: personal analysis and clinical supervision both with an analyst in the Lacanian field, and theoretical and clinical studies.


It is expected that those in the training programme are engaged in a personal psychoanalysis at least weekly for the duration of the training. There is now a CLA Clinic where those who have made the passage from Trainee to Analyst-in-Training work with analysts under the auspices of the CLA.


To apply for entry to the clinical training programme please find the initial document here.


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