Centre for Lacanian Psychoanalysis New Zealand


A training in the clinic of psychoanalysis must be founded in three elements essential in the formation of a psychoanalyst: personal psychoanalysis, theoretical studies, and, once clinical work has begun, clinical supervision. These three elements are core to the training programme that the CLA offers. Clinical training with the CLA lasts a minimum of four years. It is expected that those in the training programme are engaged in a personal psychoanalysis at least weekly for the duration of the training, noting that the end of the training does not necessarily mean the end of the psychoanalysis.
Personal psychoanalysis will at times be very challenging and confronting; it calls into question all that we have constructed about ourselves, our family, our way of relating to others. The engagement in personal psychoanalysis is absolutely fundamental to the formation of a psychoanalyst. However, a training programme does not automatically produce a psychoanalyst. A training in psychoanalysis only opens the possibility that a trainee may decide to continue to follow a pathway to becoming a psychoanalyst. A person entering a training in psychoanalysis must understand there can be no guarantee of the outcome of the training. The theoretical component of the training requires a significant commitment to the study of the psychoanalytic texts of Freud and Lacan. This involves participation in the fortnightly seminars and clinical workshops organised by the CLA, activities of the wider international psychoanalytic community, as well as self-directed study. Once clinical supervision has begun, the analyst-in-training works closely with a clinical supervisor who supports the development of their psychoanalytic practice.
The demands of a personal analysis, theoretical studies and clinical supervision are challenging and require a substantial ongoing commitment.
  • An applicant must be a member of the Centre for Lacanian Analysis and be actively involved in the activities of the CLA.
  • An applicant must have been in a personal psychoanalysis for at least 12 months with a psychoanalyst in the Lacanian field who is recognised by the CLA.
  • An applicant must have completed or be in the process of completing the one-year CLA Fundamentals of Psychoanalysis or an equivalent.
  • Applications for the programme are considered individually by the Training Committee. This will involve the applicant preparing a written expression of interest and being interview by members of the Training Committee.
  • The applicant will be informed in writing of the Committee’s decision.
To apply for entry to the clinical training programme please make an initial expression of interest to: