Centre for Lacanian Psychoanalysis New Zealand
Centre for Lacanian Psychoanalysis New Zealand

Desire: CLA, NZ Forum and NZIPP Conference 2018
23–25 February 2018

Castration means that jouissance has to be refused in order to be attained on the inverse scale of the Law of desire- Ecrits, p. 827 
The conference is presented in collaboration by the Centre for Lacanian Analysis (CLA) and the New Zealand Forum of the Lacanian Field (NZF). Public Lecture and Workshop presented in collaboration with the CLA, NZF and New Zealand Institute of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (NZIPP).
Speakers: Dr Ciara Cremin, Dr. Patricia Gherovici, Dr. Dany Nobus, Dr. Mark Jackson, Dr. Gustavo Restivo, Dr. Kaye Cederman, Jenny Woods, Dr. Nicol Thomas, Dr. Cindy Zeiher, Rosemary Overell.
In August 2019 a 4-year training in clinical psychoanalysis in the Lacanian orientation was offered by the Centre. The training is thriving and there is now a CLA Clinic where those who have made the passage from Trainee to Analyst-in-Training work with analysands under the auspices of the CLA.
The Centre has a membership program which is composed of clinical practitioners, academic researchers, postgraduate research students, and individuals in professions, including those of visual arts and design, who have an ongoing commitment to engaging with the works of Lacan.