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CLA - NZ Forum


Public Lecture

Friday 14th July

Workshop Saturday 15th July


Kinder House

2 Ayr St, Parnell, Auckland


Public lecture:

 "Making Sense of Today's Dominant Discourse"

 Dr Gustavo Restivo


Friday 14th July 7 to 9 PM



"The Master signifier and the Four Discourses" (Fink, 1998)

Dr Gustavo Restivo


 Saturday 15th July, 10.30 AM to 3 PM


On registration we will email you the readings for the workshop.


Public lecture: $20 (Students $10)

Workshop: $70 (Students $35)


Please register at

The CLA in conjunction with the NZ Forum will be running this year a training in Psychoanalysis within the Lacanian field. This year training will be based on the book 

Key Concepts of Lacanian Psychoanalysis

(Dany Nobus, editor)

In Key Concepts of Lacanian Psychoanalysis, "eight crucial Lacanian ideas are explored through detailed exploration of the theoretical and/or practical context in which Lacan introduced them, the way in which they developed throughout his works, and the questions they were designed to answer".




New Zealand


2014 Symposium

Friday 28 February - Sunday 2 March


Seminar XI. The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis 


“... before you, I ask the question – What are the fundamentals, in the broad sense of the term, of psychoanalysis? Which amounts to saying – What grounds it as a praxis? What is a praxis?... It is the broadest term to designate a concerted human action, whatever it may be, which places man in a position to treat the real by the symbolic.”     Jacques Lacan


In 1963 Lacan was excluded from the Société française de psychoanalyse, of which he had been a member for many years, on account of his refusal to alter his practice or to stop training analysts. Lacan likened this to an excommunication. His seminar of 1964, Seminar XI The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis was his response to this event. It marked a number of breaks, from the Société, from the IPA, and from Lacan’s previous approach to using Freud’s texts as the foundation of his teaching. While still remaining true to Freud’s discoveries, Lacan in Seminar XI begins his own exploration of what constitutes the praxis and transmission of psychoanalysis. He examined the four major concepts named by Freud: the unconscious, repetition, transference and the drive.