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Auckland 23 – 25 February 2018

Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

City Campus WG 801-802


Castration means that jouissance has to be refused in order to be attained on the inverse scale of the Law of desire-  Ecrits, p. 827


Conference presented in collaboration by the Centre for Lacanian Analysis (CLA) and the New Zealand Forum of the Lacanian Field (NZF). Public Lecture and Workshop presented in collaboration by the CLA, NZF and the New Zealand Institute of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (NZIPP).


Friday 23th February – Conference Opening and Public Lecture


18.00 – 18.15                Dr. Gustavo Restivo


18.15 – 19.05                 Dr Ciara Cremin

                                        The Disruptive Force of Transvestic Fetishism

19.05 – 21.00                 Dr. Patricia Gherovici’s Public Lecture – Keynote                                                             Presentation

                                         Trans Desire: From the First Death to the Second  Death       


Saturday 24th February - Conference


9.00 – 10.15                    Dr. Dany Nobus – Keynote Presentation

                                          Psychoanalysis in the Boudoir: On Lacan's 'Kant with Sade

10.15 – 11.05                  Dr. Mark Jackson

                                          Bedding Down in the House of Being: Heidegger avec Sade


Morning Tea


11.30 – 12.20                    Dr. Gustavo Restivo

                                           Desire Beyond the Binary

12.20 – 13.10                    Dr. Kaye Cederman

                                           The Desire of the Child




14.10– 15.00                       Jenny Woods

                                             Hysteric Desire Sanctioned at the Border(line)

15.00 – 15.50                      Dr. Nicol Thomas

                                             Interrogating Desire in the Sovereign Good of



Afternoon Tea


16.20 – 17.10                      Dr. Cindy Zeiher

                                              White Noise of Desire

17.10 – 18.00                       Rosemary Overell

                                               Voicing the Real in Extreme Metal: Horror, Gender and                                                 the Growl


19.30                                       Dinner at Mezze Bar - 

                                                9 Durham St E, Auckland

                                                (Dinner is not included with the Conference Fees)


Sunday 25th February - Workshop


10.00 – 15.00                        Dr. Patricia Gherovici

                                                Depathologizing Trans: A Critical Analysis of Lacan’s and                                                 Millot’s Analyses of Transgender Cases


All activities can be attended online on Zoom



Public lecture                            $50           Students:                  $25

Conference                                $120        Students:                   $60

Workshop                                   $120        Students:                   $60

Full event:                                   $200        Students:                   $100


CLA – NZ Forum – NZIPP members: Free



by Internet banking at Centre for Lacanian Analysis’ account 12-3066-0204464-00 and email Dr. Gustavo Restivo at